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Dr. Jim and Ruth Sharon provide:

  • Couples Coaching (personalized)

  • Classes (in person and online)

  • Events

  • Blogs (Sign up for our free newsletter.)

  • Podcast series and interviews: Give Your Love Life Some Love

  • Retreats

  • Books, Secrets of a Soulful Marriage and others

  • Speaking on healthy relationship, family and lifestyle

  • Social media community building (Join our Soulful Couples group on Facebook.)

We coach couples who are dedicated to evolving their relationship:

  • being intentional and purposeful

  • creating their partnership as a treasured masterpiece

  • serving others as models and mentors

  • raising consciousness in themselves and others

Through working with us, we guide you toward reshaping undesired relationship patterns, concerns or issues to open the way for more satisfying habits and intentions.  We respectfully facilitate you to tap into your own resources for strengthening and beautifying your partnership. Our proactive focus centers around empowering you both to discover ways to better support one another’s overall well-being and main life purposes.

We have coined the metaphor Mansion of Love™ to refer to the vast growth potential you have as individuals and as a couple. Most people confine themselves to just a few rooms without exploring their estate or the numerous other areas of their mansion. Many folks don’t even realize that they live in a mansion! We assist you to uncover the richness, enjoyment, and vision available to you as you open to new aspects of your loving relationship. Ideally, you may alight on your rightful throne as King and Queen of your Mansion of Love!

Please accept our invitation to inquire about how we may serve you. Perhaps just one of you is ready. That’s ok. You can schedule your free call with us today for one or both of you.

Toward the Big Love,

Ruth and Jim


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