6 Sessions with Dr. Jim or Ruth Sharon

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6 Sessions with Dr. Jim or Ruth Sharon

797.00 1,000.00

We design the coaching to meet your needs! Start thinking about this to prepare:

What do you want more of? Less of?

Are you open and willing to make necessary shifts to gain more richness in your love relationship?

During your coaching sessions, you may want to explore ways to:

  • Be aware of and Interrupt your undesirable patterns quickly and easily.

  • Develop new, constructive communication skills.

  • Increase your ability to resolve issues or conflicts, with more ease.

  • Enrich your intimacy and joy together.

  • Honor and cherish each other in more satisfying ways.

Consider which of the above items are your priorities.

SPECIAL OFFER:  Six focused 45-minute coaching sessions during a three month-period: $797, with one of us and both of you.

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