Loving Partnership

We long for it, we go to great lengths to find it, and when we have it, we work hard to make it last. A deep and soulful relationship can be one of the most rewarding, satisfying, and life-enhancing experiences we can imagine.

As coaches for devoted couples, our mission is to guide you to expand and deepen your love. We collaborate with you to enhance personal satisfaction and self-development, and to create mutually supportive, meaningful connection with your partner.

We invite you to take an approach that empowers you with the skills to make positive, proactive changes that have an immediate impact on your quality of life.


Who we Coach

  • Pre-nuptials and newlyweds

  • Couples who work together

  • Partners experiencing gridlock 

  • Couples with life transitions

  • Newly-retired and empty-nesters


Coaching topics

  • Communication techniques and tools

  • Constructive conflict resolution

  • Understanding "love languages"

  • Support through life transitions

  • Honoring individuality and collaboration


Results + Goals

  • Enhance self-care and couple-care

  • Live your purpose together daily

  • Enjoy the gifts of your partnership

  • Reignite your passion and intimacy

  • Expand goals to reach your dreams


Client Testimonials


Soulful Couples Coaching with Jim and Ruth was an authentic and nurturing experience. I learned new communication skills and gained insight about myself and my husband that allowed walls to come down and closeness to emerge.

K.M. (Massage Therapist)


Working with Jim and Ruth was an enriching and fun experience that has made a huge difference in our marriage. We have come to realize what is truly important in marriage and now have deep discussions that have revitalized our partnership.

C.R. (Marketing Specialist)


Jim and Ruth are great facilitators who are skilled at bringing out couples’ needs and desires. As a direct result of my coaching participation, my marriage has greatly improved, my house is clean and organized, and I sleep better.

L.S. (Dietitian)

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Books now on sale!

Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

This hope-filled resource for developing soulful, mature love is aimed at committed couples who are looking to build, maintain and glorify the sacred in their relationship.

Authors, Jim and Ruth Sharon create a context for couples to honor the gradual movement from physical “flight-fight-freeze” body-based survival to more heart-filled, communication-oriented love, to spiritual awakening and soul-purpose fulfillment.

The book provides relationship information, practical tools and inspirational, real-life stories. It also offers a banquet of spiritual practices for couples of all faiths―or none―to bring these new models into focused action.