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When Wisdom Leads & Power Follows

A Sufi Workshop with Devi Tide and Sára Rain

May 17th & 18th


— Friday, May 17th in Boulder | 7pm -9pm —

Dances of Universal Peace With Sára, Khadijah and Devi as our special guest! At the Unitarian Universalist Church, 5001 Pennsylvania Ave, Boulder

— Saturday, May 18th in Denver | 10 AM to 9:30 PM —

All day workshop and evening Zikr At the Rocky Mountain Miracle Center, 1939 S Monroe St, Denver


Friday evening only - $10 to $20

Saturday evening only - $10 to $20

Devi Tide is the Kefayat and Vice President of the Sufi Healing Order. She has over 30 years experience teaching healing and esoteric sciences. More about Devi here:

Sára Rain is a Siraj, mentor for the Dances of Universal Peace and Zikr leader in the Sufi Ruhaniat. More about Sára here:

Both of these leaders bring bright insight, humor, wisdom and power to facilitating experiential workshops accessible and useful for everyone!

For more information, contact Malika Ruth Sharon and Sharif Jim Sharon: